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Saro Calandi

Graduated in clarinet from the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Saro Calandi started playing the accordion at the age of 12, and like some loves that are born in secret but trace the meaning of an entire life, he never abandoned it. He has won several music competitions, including the International Competition in Casarza Ligure (GE) in 1995, the Erbezzo Competition (VR) twice in a row in 1996 and 1997, and the VIII International Competition in San Vincenzo la Costa (CS) in 1999.

Despite his training with prestigious masters of the Russian and French schools, Saro immediately embarked on a personal and profound musical research that diverges from established models, liberating the use of the accordion from more traditional contexts. This allowed him to become an internationally renowned composer and performer, collaborating with important artists such as Davide Van De Sfroos, with whom he recorded Akuaduulza in the studio, and participating in the film Akuaduulza, or Nashville in the province of Como, broadcasted on RAI DUE.

But the accordion also thrives on sensuality, movement, and passion, and so Saro has met important flamenco artists such as Antonio Canales, Cristina Benitez, and Oscar Des Los Reyes, performing on major theater stages in Spain and Italy, collaborating with groups of various musical genres including folk, rock, classical music, jazz, and tango, and even performing in the world of high fashion with Mariella Burani and on television with Ale e Franz and Eve La Plume.

Enriched by these experiences and sources of inspiration, Saro's music research has evolved more and more, becoming increasingly multifaceted and rich in nuances. In 2012, he created ORAS PROJECT GROUP, with which he blended echoes of different styles in a personal research whose fundamental nucleus is the idea that the symphonic and expressive power of the accordion makes it comparable to an orchestra of many instruments. With Oras Project, Saro has selected a formation of highly skilled musicians from different music schools, with whom he performs pieces such as Adios Astor, La Danza di Zelmira, Amielus, Il mio blues...

Saro combines his concert and compositional activity with a long teaching career as a clarinet and accordion teacher at various state, civic and music academies in the Lombardy region. He has also participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts, as a guest of honor on the Parisian National network "France 2", on the Swiss network T.S.I. and several television appearances on Rai.

He has several collaborations and music works to his credit, among which the latest album "Sogno Armonico" stands out, released in May 2022.


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